Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do you arrive at your shipping charges?

At this time, our primary shipping source is FedEx. Your zip code is entered into the FedEx system and we use the rate charged by FedEx. We ship a few thousand boxes per year. Many of the international fulfillment houses ship hundreds of millions, or possibly billions of boxes each year. We do not get the same shipping rate as those large companies.

+ Where can I find Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips on your site?

The new design is a light blue color, which is the national cue for Vinegar Flavor. We changed from the golden/yellow color because that is the color cue for original potato chips on a national basis.

+ Where are your products sold?

We continue to sell Jones Potato Chips on a local basis and have distribution in small stores in Columbus, Northeast Ohio, and Southeast Ohio. We manufacture potato chips and potato sticks that are sold in other brands in locations such as Brooklyn N.Y., Western New York, Detroit, Atlanta, Kansas, Tennessee, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

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