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Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Jones family, I would like to thank our many fine customers for supporting the Jones Potato Chip Company. The local tradition of Jones Potato Chips has spread far and wide as central Ohioans have moved to locations around the world. When my dad started his small potato chip business in 1945, no one would have dreamed that folks from across the United States and in foreign lands would be able to read about his company from something called 'a computer.' Yet even in our ever-changing high-tech world, we still yearn for the simple pleasures locked deep within our memories. Frequently, I speak with people who fondly recollect growing up with Jones Potato Chips. We have been in your homes for birthday parties, card parties, after school snacks, football games, and family picnics. I am honored that we have continued to be part of your family.  And we would like to make your family part of ours.  The next time your family gets together, take a picture of the group with your Jones Potato Chips and send us a copy. We have a large bulletin board where we have posted pictures of friends near and far, in pools, picnics, and palaces.  From the distant reaches of the Middle East to our own backyard in Mansfield, all these folks truly enjoy a taste from home.

From my family to yours,



Message From Bob Jones